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Project Description
This project is a command prompt application allowing administrator to write and run custom scripts to deploy automaticallt InfoPath form (with or without code) and Nintex Workflow to a SharePoint server.

The advantage is that you can create "package" with forms and/or workflows and install it on different environment without have to make any change in your code.

Example of script to deploy infopath form

<Script site="http://MyServer/MySite">
  <SetVariable name="listname" value="DemoList"/>
  <SetVariable name="formpath" value="MyInfopathForm.xsn"/>
  <SetVariable name="formname" value=
  <SetVariable name="ctname" value="MyInfopathForm"/>
  <CreateFormLibrary name="$listname" force="true" />
  <UploadFormTemplate path="$formpath" name="$formname" force="true"/>
  <ActivateFormTemplate name="$formname" force="true" />
  <RemoveContentTypeFromList list="$listname" contenttype="Form"/>
  <AddContentTypeToList list="$listname" contenttype="$ctname"/>

Example of script to deploy a Nintex workflow

<Script site="http://MyServer/MySite">
  <SetVariable name="listname" value="DemoList"/>
  <SetVariable name="wfpath" value="MyNintexWorkflow.nwf"/>
  <SetVariable name="wfname" value="My Demo Workflow"/>
  <ImportWorkflowToList list="$listname" path="$wfpath" name="$wfname"/>

Of course, you also write script to deploy both forms and workflow or two deploy many forms in the same time.

you can find a list of accepted commands and examples in the manual (Downloads section)

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